Hack-ITBA: A hackathon with great people

Some weeks ago, Javier Mermet (a fellow data scientist and software engineer) and I participated in a team of two for the 36hs HackIT-BA Hackathon by ITBA Computer Society.

What great people really means

I usually don’t participate in hackathons: they tend to be pitch-only, work-free, and with 3hs of sleep max. But this was different (except for the work-free and sleep part 🥲). The jury was top-tier and tech-oriented:

The product

We set ourselves to create an autonomous data-driven optimization tool for time budgeting management.

The tool (Budgie) starts with a discovery phase of your expectations and needs. Then, as an exploration phase, it analyzes all your time habits and finally, assigns time slots in your calendar optimized for the objective you have set for yourself.

The last stage of followups, asks you if you were able to meet that time slot, to know the progress, and reschedule if necessary. This way, if you consistently fall short of your budget, it helps you rethink it so it’s attainable. Also, we create statistics about your progress in each time frame.

At its core, an optimizer finds the best time slots for you to leverage your time habits to make the most out of your time. A marketplace of connectors helps you to integrate the optimizer with the data sources that work best for you. Do you use Google Calendar? We’ve got you covered. Notion, ClickUp? That’s on the roadmap. Also, you don’t need to download anything: you can use our telegram bot, notion, or whatever you prefer to input your goals.

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed the experience. We validate in less than 36hs that there is a real market with users who are willing to pay for Budgie to help meet their personal goals.

Feel free to reach out if you want to know more and/or tell us how you’d use it!

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