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Compounded failure

Usually, smart people know that great days are very uncommon. They know that people most of the time suck and the best approach is not to look for incredible gains but rather small, compounded, improvements. However, we tend to think about the bad days the same as the average ones—“It was just a bad day”. Or worse, we don’t think about bad days at all. We think in terms of compounded improvements, but never in compounded failure.

1 min read Feb 28, 2024

Good, short advice

This is my go-to advice (extracted from Paul Graham’s Superlinear Returns essay) for ambitious individuals seeking to make something people want. It precisely articulates what they should do and is concise enough to re-read it often.

1 min read Jan 14, 2024

How to ask

As always, my writing is influenced by my learning. Recently, I was revisiting a blog post from around 2014 about hacker culture and the art of asking smart questions in technical open forums. I’ve taken the ideas from that post and applied them to a wider range of situations. You should read this guide to improve your question skills and increase your chances of receiving a satisfactory answer.

11 min read Oct 13, 2023

The Art of B2B Differentiation

This post is heavily inspired by the Win Without Pitching book. Whenever I talk about a consulting startup, a software factory, or any heavy business-to-business company to someone I usually spend quite a time explaining the whys and wherefores of managing this kind of business. It’s not easy, though.

11 min read Nov 02, 2022