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Good, short advice

This is my go-to advice (extracted from Paul Graham’s Superlinear Returns essay) for ambitious individuals seeking to make something people want. It precisely articulates what they should do and is concise enough to re-read it often.

1 min read Jan 14, 2024

How to ask

As always, my writing is influenced by my learning. Recently, I was revisiting a blog post from around 2014 about hacker culture and the art of asking smart questions in technical open forums. I’ve taken the ideas from that post and applied them to a wider range of situations. You should read this guide to improve your question skills and increase your chances of receiving a satisfactory answer.

11 min read Oct 13, 2023

The Art of B2B Differentiation

This post is heavily inspired by the Win Without Pitching book. Whenever I talk about a consulting startup, a software factory, or any heavy business-to-business company to someone I usually spend quite a time explaining the whys and wherefores of managing this kind of business. It’s not easy, though.

11 min read Nov 02, 2022

How Great Founders Do More with Less

Recently I read a good book to tackle some questions for the inexperienced founder to build profitability from day one. In this post, I will comment on some main key points about “How Great Founders Do More with Less”. This post is not a review of the book, there are many out there. It’s only a guide to refer to when young founders ask me questions about minimalist entrepreneurship.

10 min read Aug 20, 2022